Fully Packaged Mortgage Investments

Our mortgages are privately funded.  In other words, Mortgage Investors Network has funded a loan, with our own money, collateralized it with real property and offers to sell that loan to investors.  

Investors receive a fully packaged loan that includes all of the borrower information, credit history and credentials, full lender title, a transferable insurance policy, a professional appraisal, all income documents, disclosure compliance, closing documents, payment history, property insurance and more.  

A High Yield, Conservative Investment

Our investment opportunities are unique in that they are sold on a one to one basis.  They also have typical yields that are between 7.5% and 9.5% annually.  The maximum loan to appraisal value it 55% and principle properties that are used as collateral are first appraised by a professional appraiser.  

Before being offered to investors, mortgages are first purchased by Mortgage Investors Network. We use our thirty years of experience and a custom method of underwriting to ensure quality.  

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